Massively Multiplayer

Since 2015 we've been working on the groundwork for a new generation of massively multiplayer online experiences. We've recently shared some details of our first MMO, due for launch in 2018, and look forward to our full announcement in the coming months.

Mavericks Proving Grounds

We've recently announced a few details of our upcoming tactical shooter: an MMO of unprecedented scale, supporting 1000 concurrent players in an ultra-high fidelity world instance. It is set in a huge, photoreal and highly dynamic environment, with strong character progression, social hubs, intelligent mission systems and global-scale player-driven narrative. More details to follow later this year!

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Experimental Projects

As an innovation-focused studio, we also work on smaller projects to experiment with new technologies. So far, each of these has acted as a means to test out new ideas and provided a stepping stone to the company's primary focus of pushing forward virtual world development and massively multiplayer experiences.