Help us create great things

We're a young team of highly-qualified computer scientists and designers, and as part of the larger Cambridge Ventures group, we also collaborate with a variety of established games development teams. We're committed to understanding what gamers really want and delivering outstanding experiences to revolutionise multiplayer gaming. We come to work to push the boundaries of games development, and help to push forward the industry as a whole. We constantly review our processes, investigate our audiences, and play our own games.

Our focus is finding people that have something exceptional to offer. We invest a lot into building and maintaining a multi-skilled, highly-talented team - and we're looking for like-minded individuals to help us take our innovative products to the next level. If you're interested in working with us but can't find a job description that suits you, we're open to speculative applications. Just let us know a bit about you and we'll see if there's a fit. However, we're not currently seeking applications for freelance or contract work.

Rewards & benefits

Working environment

We're currently based at the Vitrum Building on the St John's Innovation Park, in the company of a number of established technology organisations. We also work within the wider Cambridge Ventures group, which combines collective experience spanning over 150 games.

Career development

We're a growing company that believes in what we do, and our board is proactive in supporting a meritocratic environment. This is reflected in a near-flat management structure, and large product-based bonuses on top of our competitive salaries.

Company culture

We are a young, ambitious team that believes all rules, processes and procedures can be questioned. We value freedom, transparency and responsibility. Our environment rewards and empowers talent to produce great work.

The little extras

In addition to significant bonuses, we have a variety of benefits including corporate gym membership, private healthcare, pensions, and access to a number of great discounts and freebies.

Art & design jobs

Interested in working with up-to-date pipelines, and support from an expert technical team? Our Art and Design team brings our games to life.

Developer jobs

Our technical team tackles a diverse set of computer science problems, from graphics to large-scale networking and analytics.

Commercial jobs

From time-to-time we have openings in our Commercial team, which is key to making our crazy ambitions a reality.